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What is Relayer Gas Fee?

The transaction you initiate on the original chain is to directly deduct the gas fee from your account; while the transaction on the target chain needs to be completed with the assistance of the relay account, and the gas fee is prepaid by the relay account, so the target chain will charge the estimated gas fee equivalent USDT is used to purchase HT/BNB to add to the relay account.

Transaction fee?

The HieSwap platform charges 0.3% to 0.5% of cross-chain fees. Gas fee, because each chain is different, follow up the current latest transaction of each chain to determine the amount of gas, the estimated gas fee generated is the fee generated by the corresponding target, not charged by the platform.

The cross-chain exchange has been deducted, but it has not been credited?

Generally, this kind of problem will not occur, but this kind of problem has a certain probability, because when each chain user is operating, there is a certain relationship between the main network network at both ends of the exchange chain and the target chain. If not, please Wait patiently for 30 minutes, and will check again. If the account is still not received, you can feedback it to the administrator in the corresponding group.

How long does it normally take to arrive?

The normal exchange transaction (within 20 seconds) arrives in the account, of course, this has a certain relationship with your transaction amount and the corresponding main network.

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