Cross-Chain Swaps in a Snap! Swap your assets in a safe, fast & cheap way on hieSwap.

Money never sleeps, it always flows to something more efficient. In early 2022, when the HieSwap founding team entered the DeFi field, they were surprised to find that cross-chain transactions were so cumbersome and inefficient.

So the team created HieSwap - to reduce the duration of blockchain cross-chain transactions to 3 seconds, which is the first time in the industry to shorten the duration of cross-chain transactions to the second level! This is a milestone breakthrough and another major infrastructure change in the DeFi industry after the Uniswap AMM mechanism, which will change the efficiency of cross-chain transactions and the future pattern.

Not only fast, HieSwap's original cross-chain technology only requires ultra-low handling fees, and safely allows your assets to freely circulate in each chain.

HieSwap, a cross-chain protocol invested by RosSwap Labs, HieSwap is officially connected to multiple public chains. At present, the protocol has realized cross-chain conversion among seven chains including FONChain, BNBChain, HECO, Ethereum, OKXChain, Polygon and TRON.

Through the HieSwap cross-chain protocol, users can complete asset transfers between different chains in an environment with low transaction fees and low slippage. It is reported that the transaction time on HieSwap can be completed within 3 seconds at the fastest, which is 15 times faster than the transaction time of other similar cross-chain solutions on the market.

In addition, HieSwap's multi-chain stablecoin exchange has sufficient liquidity for each chain, which effectively reduces the risk of slippage for cross-chain users. In the future, it will access more aggregated transactions between chains, and will support Exchange tokens and give users multiple choices.

The HieSwap team believes that time is money in the DeFi world, and HieSwap hopes to provide millions of DeFi users with a better cross-chain experience in the future.

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